Bond with your community through daily audio rituals.rituals.

Redhead girl enjoying listening to a ritual

Connect deeply, share your personal 
growth and encourage your fans to grow 
with you, day by day.

Start a Ritual (for creators)
Redhead girl enjoying listening to a ritual

What's a ritual?

Rituals are short pieces of pre-recorded audio that your community wakes up to every day.

Record, produce, and send 5-minute rituals in the app. New rituals drop at 7am locally and fans can react through DMs. It's your daily interactive micro-podcast show!

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Get personal with one-on-one DMs

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Form deeper connections

Encourage, advise, support, and chat privately.
Subscribers get 1 DM each day to comment, share, and ask questions

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Manage DMs at scale

  • Conversations only continue if you respond
  • All your DMs in a glimpse of an eye through a feed
  • Mass DMs to make it easy to share with 
all your community in one send

Grow your community 
in 5 minutes a day

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Monetizable by design

Decide between free or paid subscriptions 
and establish your own pricing

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With an income stream that’s separate from 
your brand-building content

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Own your growth

Analyze subscriber statistics, manage payments, and more

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We created for creators just like you.

A girl is listening to rituals

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